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Myers - Buhrig Funeral Home and Crematory
37 East Main Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-3852
Tel: 1-717-766-3421

Our facility is wheelchair accessible

Welcome to Myers - Buhrig Funeral Home & Crematory

Grief is as unique as a fingerprint. Everyone grieves in their own way and on their own schedule. The best advice anyone can give is to feel what you feel. As you travel on your grief journey, know that you have friends and professional guides in us; you are not alone. We stand ready to listen, understand, and care for you and your family with tenderness, integrity, and compassion. Our calling is to provide thoughtful service and compassionate care.  Please feel free to call upon us at any time and for any reason as we "Walk with Those in Grief."

Warm Wishes,
Bob Buhrig

Funeral Director ~ Caregiver ~ Owner

Please feel free to take a moment to read what some of our families have shared about our service.  Excerpts from our first testimonial, "Portal to Heaven," appear below.  To read more about our care and service, just click on the blue "Testimonials" button to the left.

As seen on Angie's List

- Portal to Heaven -

After twelve days in the cardiac intensive care unit, I held my mother’s hand and caressed her forehead as she left this existence and went to be with the Lord and to be reunited with my father.  I asked the nurse to call the new Myers - Buhrig Funeral Home and Crematory.

From the start Bob was caring, comforting, and reassuring, and he maintained that demeanor throughout my life’s most painful experience.  I will always be grateful.  It was as if a detail of angels had been assigned to tenderly declare mom’s passing and to provide comfort to all that came to her viewings and funeral service.

. . . the weight of the world seemed to lift off my shoulders.  She looked beautiful!  Nothing like the last time I saw her in the ICU.  She looked more than just at peace.  She looked happy.  I was thankful that this would be my memory of the last time I saw my mother in this life.

Bob was always there for me, explaining every detail and taking care of everything to eliminate all interference with my farewell to my mother.  There are things we cannot control, but Bob and the staff of Myers - Buhrig Funeral Home and Crematory were both accommodating and flexible.

I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than the new staff and ownership of Myers - Buhrig.  They did the impossible by providing me comfort in helping this old warrior through the worst loss of his life.  Saint Peter may or may not stand at the pearly gates, and the streets of heaven may or may not be guarded by United States Marines, but an earthly Portal to Heaven definitely is located at Myers - Buhrig Funeral Home and Crematory in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania.

--- Major Stanley E., U.S. Marine Corps, (ret.)


Whether you have come to our site for information about an upcoming service or to make arrangements for one, we hope the information you find here will be helpful.

We have added new features for your web experience with us. They include:

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